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10.04.2024 - 21:24 ACI Collection of Codes, Specifications, Guides, Reports, Technical No
The document is heavily redacted, there are ways to bypass doc88 but the shared document is mostly unusable due to missing hidden pages.

I however managed to rip it after opening and spooling every page to a pdf and then OCR the whole file. It did not come real perfect, top and bottom from site still stayed (removing 550 pages worth of elements manually is a pain) and also you can see it is just a little bit cropped on the sides due to format. Standard size (550 pages) is quite big and exporting that pdf via internet browser is time and resource consuming. For me Nitro worked for export. Every page should load starting from first to last in order or else it leaves blank pages. My OCR export below:

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10.04.2024 - 15:33 ACI Collection of Codes, Specifications, Guides, Reports, Technical No
There does not seem to be a full package available (example in torrent), but you can manually search for them at Library Genesis and download the desired ones.
10.04.2024 - 15:30 EUROCODES
British Standard (Annex) of EC2 2023 (not true original PDF, converted/saved as image to PDF)

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17.07.2023 - 16:42 "Play tour" tool Google Earth Pro
Can GEOlayers do what you are looking for? It needs some minor work but results are very good and professional.
8.01.2023 - 14:24 *REQUEST Surveyor Reference Manual, 6th Ed

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8.01.2023 - 13:35 *REQUEST Surveyor Reference Manual, 6th Ed
QUOTE (rxc @ 8.01.2023 - 11:08) *
any can share link again??? thks


(Backup links added, but just in case this can be found in LG too)
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27.11.2022 - 18:32 Autodesk AutoCAD
QUOTE (luser @ 25.11.2022 - 07:43) *
Hi everyone.
looking for https://www.udemy.com/course/autocad-programming-using-csharp-beginner-course/
AutoCAD Programming Using C#.NET - Beginner Course
thanks in advance

Here, updated 2 months ago ~10.7GB total
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1.09.2022 - 14:02 Приколы, несуразности и.т.д
Typical collapse from shear stress. Joint between arch and main horizontal failed instantly and there was only one dynamic load (water or gas truck hard to see) that caused the failure just when the truck was in the middle. Lessons to be learned...
12.08.2022 - 10:19 Где найти софт RiSCAN PRO?
Backups :

I always immediately download WeTransfer links around here to re-add links a week later, so worry not cool.gif
14.06.2022 - 10:25 Ищу DIN 18041-2016

Deutsch + English, March 2016 revision of DIN 18041-2004/2005
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7.04.2022 - 09:40 BS EN ISO 19650-1 19650-2 19650-3 19650-4 19650-5
Was very unlucky with this : http://uniondht.org/topic/1583154-british-standard-britanskie-standarti.html it is the latest full update until 2017 but no other torrent has been added for 5 years. Had every BS for the time but this is pre 2020, 36GB very well seeded (20MB/s). Worst case scenario, contact the admin of snti.ru via mail (should be at their) hoping you get those 4 pdfs for free. I doubt anyone will charge for that few, usually those who buy there spend thousands of rubles but buy all or most collections available at once rather than one or two pieces of standard.
13.02.2022 - 15:32 Geographic Information System (GIS) - To help the Surveyor
Groundwater Potential Zones GIS - Complete Project ArcGIS Also covers, Flood Risk Map, Drought Analysis, Fluctuation from Observed data, Watershed Delineation, Tutorial in depth
Hec-RAS and ArcGIS for Hydrologic Engineering Discover the potentialities of Hec-RAS and Hec-GeoRAS for channel modeling and flood analysis #hecras
Land use Land cover classification GIS, ERDAS, ArcGIS, ENVI Land Use Scratch to Advance, All Softwares of Remote Sensing and GIS. Machine Learning, GIS Tasks in Easy way learning.
Complete Remote Sensing Image Analysis with ENVI Software Learn basic to advanced remote sensing image processing, spatial analysis, and GIS techniques using ENVI software
ArcSWAT Model with ArcGIS - Run for any Study Area - GIS Watershed Simulation using ArcSWAT. Get Discharge, Rainfall‐Runoff Modeling of Ungauged Catchments. This is advance GIS
Soil erosion spatial modelling with RUSLE in ArcGIS software Mapping of soil loss per annum with geospatial tools for any study area: step by step guide
Server-side web GIS applications with Leaflet and PostGIS Accessing common data stores
Introduction to 2 & 3D Drone Modeling With Agisoft Metashape Building 2D & 3D Models with drone images and Metashape. Drone flight setups and basic modeling with Metashape
Advanced UAV Photogrammetry - Parts 1 and 2 - Planning and Execution , Pix4D Mapper

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7.01.2020 - 10:18 Формула 1 - сезон 2018
Didn't know Williams was such a great F1 fan. Love this thread, very detailed, very good arranged and graphically pleasing biggrin.gif

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