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Shkelzen Cakaj - Modeling Simulation and Optimization. Tolerance and Optimal Control.

InTech, 2010
pdf, 312 pages, english

Parametric representation of shapes, mechanical components modeling with 3D visualization techniques using object oriented programming, the well known golden ratio application on vertical and horizontal displacement investigations of the ground surface, spatial modeling and simulating of dynamic continuous fluid flow process, simulation model for waste-water treatment, an interaction of tilt and illumination conditions at flight simulation and errors in taxiing performance, plant layout optimal plot plan, atmospheric modeling for weather prediction, a stochastic search method that explores the solutions for hill climbing process, cellular automata simulations, thyristor switching characteristics simulation.

Catalin Alexandru - Modeling and Simulation in Engineering

InTech, 2012
pdf, 310 pages, english

This book provides an open platform to establish and share knowledge developed by scholars, scientists, and engineers from all over the world, about various applications of the modeling and simulation in the design process of products, in various engineering fields. The book consists of 12 chapters arranged in two sections (3D Modeling and Virtual Prototyping), reflecting the multidimensionality of applications related to modeling and simulation. Some of the most recent modeling and simulation techniques, as well as some of the most accurate and sophisticated software in treating complex systems, are applied.

Gokcek M. - Mechanical Engineering

In Tech, 2012
pdf, 681 pages, english
ISBN: 978-953-51-0505-3

The book substantially offers the latest progresses about the important topics of the "Mechanical Engineering" to readers. It includes studies prepared using state-of-art methodologies by professional researchers of the following titles: power transmission system, manufacturing processes and system analysis, thermo-fluid systems, simulations and computer applications, and new approaches in mechanical engineering education and organization systems.

- Preface
- Power Transmission Systems
- Mechanical Transmissions Parameter Modelling
- Gearbox Simulation Models with Gear and Bearing Faults
- Split Torque Gearboxes: Requirements, Performance and Applications
- On the Modelling of Spur and Helical Gear Dynamic Behaviour
- The Role of the Gearbox in an Automatic Machine
- Electrical Drives for Crane Application
- Manufacturing Processes and System Analysis
- Anisotropic Mechanical Properties of ABS Parts Fabricated by Fused Deposition Modelling
- Design and Evaluation of Self-Expanding Stents Suitable for Diverse Clinical Manifestation Based on Mechanical Engineering
- Spin and Spin Recovery
- Surface Welding as a Way of Railway Maintenance
- Study on Thixotropic Plastic Forming of Magnesium Matrix Composites
- Development of a Winding Mechanism for Amorphous Ribbon Used in Transformer Cores
- Free Vibration Analysis of Centrifugally Stiffened Non Uniform Timoshenko Beams
- Vibration-Based Diagnostics of Steam Turbines
- On the Mechanical Compliance of Technical Systems
- Thermo-Fluid Systems
- Waste Heat Recycling for Fuel Reforming
- Steam Turbines Under Abnormal Frequency Conditions in Distributed Generation Systems
- Aeronautical Engineering
- Numerical Modeling of Wet Steam Flow in Steam Turbine Channel
- Experimental Study on Generation of Single Cavitation Bubble Collapse Behavior by a High Speed Camera Record
- Noise Reduction in Butterfly Valve Cavitation by Semicircular Fins and Visualization of Cavitation Flow
- Simulations and Computer Applications
- Computer Simulation of Involute Tooth Generation
- Applications of Computer Vision in Micro/Nano Observation
- Advanced Free Form Manufacturing by Computer Aided Systems - Cax
- New Approaches for Mechanical Engineering Education and Organization Systems
- Modern Methods of Education, Research and Design Used in Mechanical Engineering
- Mechanical Engineering Education: Preschool to Graduate School
- Use of Discounted Cash Flow Methods for Evaluation of Engineering Projects
- Configuration Logic of Standard Business Processes for Inter-Company Order Management

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