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Mining engineering problem
сообщение 10.09.2019 - 11:26
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Open pit mines with perfectly vertical walls and perfectly horizontal forecourts inserted in an extremely irregular morphological context with the presence of numerous artificial stone dumps (which must be removed but must not be considered excavated volumes) and historical level curves that therefore do not correspond with the real .The first thing I did was a beautiful topographic survey with a drone of the whole area and to report on the plan the DSM of the area.Now ?I find it extremely difficult to reconstruct the irregular morphology by digitizing it on SURPAC. Furthermore this morphology would include volumes (stone dumps) that are not included in the material to be quarried.The ideal would be to pull out a 3D model directly from Photoscan and work on it, simulating excavations. But I don't think there are any software that do this automatically.Advice?
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